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Our products are sold to
USA, France, Poland, Germany,
Brazil and Chile and so on.

PLC controller


PLC Controller ensures the stable working.

Our 4-dot hook and eye tape stitching machine is publicly known as stable working. Our machine pass CE certificate and its major function head—industrial grade PLC is imported from Taiwan.

CE certificate


Our Machine have passed OMA Testimony Certification.

Automatic hook and eye sewing machine and ultrasonic machine have passed OMA Testimony Certification

Excellent after-sale service


Simple installation
Excellent after-sale service

We offer one-year warranty. We will dispatch our engineer to customer’s factory to teach their workers how to install the machine. Or customer and their engineer come to our factory to have train course.

One-second switch

Our machine can produce various size specification and just one-second switch

Any size specification hook and eye tape can be made by our machine. No need to amend the computer
program, just press button“+/-". One-second switch between different size. We have already saved all common size spec in machine’s controller. Press button, magically fast change to another size.

24 hours working

Our machine can work continuously for 24hours.

Our machine works at low voltage-only 220v, much lower than normal industrial machine. Meanwhile, our machine can work continuously for 24hours, because fan installed in the machine to radiate all hot.

4-dot technology

Super 4-dot strength, unique technology in China

We are the first manufacturer to research and develop 4-dot stitch technology. Change traditional 2-dot stitch on hook and eye tape to now 4-dot, the tape could bear double pull strength. This technology is becoming more and more popular in Europe, North and South America, especially it is widely used in plus size lingerie and shapewea.


Automatic detection 

Simple structure, automatic detection functions to make the operation easier

Our machine is in very simple structure and it works almost automatically. There are 3 major automatic function: automatic thread broken detection, automatic fabric lack detection, automatic eyes shortage detection. So easy operation save customer both time and labor.

Automatic thread broken detection

When the thread is out of using or broken, the machines can be stopped automatically. And the LCD shows Thread Breakage. After the thread is ready, the machines can start automatically.

Automatic eyes shortage detection

When the eye tape can’t feed the 2nd and 3rd machines, the 2nd and 3rd machines can be stopped automatically. After the eye tape is ready, the machines can start automatically.

Automatic fabric lack detection

When the hooks or eyes are lacked, the machines can be stopped automatically. After feeding the hooks/eyes, the machines can start automatically.

Easy maintenance

Convenient communication of after-sale service
Just send video, picture or talk on line

1) When machine does not work, take picture of the problem component, or take video.  We will tell you how to repair by video. To convenient our customer, we have listed some usual problems which may happen, and their repairing method.  If you have queries, just tell us by picture or video.
2) Routinely maintain the machine according to our guideline will keep machine in good working situation.

MDF carton package

MDF carton package is strong and safe.

Our carton package is made by MDF Which is strong and safe for long transportation.The machine are fixed in the bottom of woodcase by the screws,which avoid the machine moving in the woodcase.

Matching  machines

Additional machine-ultrasonic machine, fabric rolling machine form a complete line.

Included 4-dot stitch hook and eye tape sewing machine, we also supply matched fabric rolling machine and ultrasonic cutting machine.


Hook and eye tape production 

Procedure of hook and eye tape production.

Purchasing material-Rolling fabric—cutting fabric—sewing----cutting to ordered size—quality inspection-packing.
Additional support We can offer additional support for the whole Procedure of hook and eye tape production and the raw materials purchasing.


LCD displayer

Large LCD display is easy to operate

3.7 Inch screen, single color, easy to see and easy to operate
Password protection
Alarm function, Progressive displays the current alarm information in real time
Keys can be defined as function keys
STN LCD with backlight

Procedure of manufacturing eye and hook sewing machine

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