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Automatic Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine CE: Xd-F1 (Xd-F1)

hook and eye sewing machine
hook and eye sewing machine
  • hook and eye sewing machine
  • Automatic Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine CE: Xd-F1 (Xd-F1)
  • Model No: Xd-F1 (Xd-F1)
  • Width: -
  • Material: -
  • Elasticity: -
  • Color: Any or reuqested
  • Package: Packing: Carton paper, carton box or any request
  • Place of origin: guangdong
  • Payment Terms: T/T or Western Union
  • Inquire Online


Automatic Hook and Eye Tape Sewing Machine CE: Xd-F1 (Xd-F1)

The hook and eye tape sewing machine has passed the CE Certificate.
The machine is designed and manufactured by ourselves. Our machine is stable and the manufactured hook&eye tapes are very nice. Our machine has the adjustable stitch pitches controlled by micro-computer. You are welcome to visit us and we will introduce our machine detailedly.

The brief introduction is as follows:
(1) The production is more stable for the Taiwan's controller and LCD are used in the control system. The operation is more easy for the operation interface is displayed by words. You only need to change the number during debugging and maintenance. It's convenient to use and maintain for the machine's composing is simple.
(2) Any specification and any stitch quantity can be set. Once the specification is set, it can be used time and again.
(3) Display the processing specification and processed quantity of hook or eye. It can display one million hooks or eyes.

(4) It has the warning function displayed automatically. When debugging, you can shut off the warning function of line broken and hook or eye use out.
(5) The eye sewing machine warns when lack of fabric. Once the fabric is ready, the system will be started automatically.
(6) Each eye sewing machine can produce one row of eye tape independently. Three eye sewing machinery can produce four to five rows of eye tape.
(7) It can use the hooks or eyes made by the ecumenic forging machine.

Foshan Casland Garments Co., Ltd is a first enterprise selling a whole series of lingerie accessories in China and the largest lingerie accessory supplier for the Occident and the South America. We are mainly selling products including lacing, bra hook and eye tape, bra adjusters, bra cups , bra bones, bra straps, underwear and so forth.

Casland is a pioneer and leader in the field of independent mix and match lingerie accessories in China. With this concept, you are able to select various laces, fabrics and other accessories to style your own lingerie. Casland one-stop lingerie accessory procurement saves procurement and transport costs for you effectively at most and offer the most satisfactory productions to you at the soonest.

Q1:Are you a manufacture?

-Yes, we are experienced in garment accessories industry for several year.

Q2:Do you have stock products to sell?

-Yes, depending on the current stocking .Please inquiry us before placing your order.

Q3:How is your after-sale service?

-If you have any problems regarding your product, please feel free to contact us. We will try to resolve your problem.

Q4:What’s the function of lined cups ?

- Lined cups give additional support and added opaqueness to the cup. Lining in the cups can also help reduce nipple projection. In some cases the lining is cut smaller than the outer cup. This helps give added support.

Q5:Do we offer wholesale purchasing?

- Yes, contact me to set this up, however the current rules are: orders must be at least $200 in wholesale price cost.



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